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Lead semi-wadcutter will be more effective, transfer more shock to living tissue. Casting them soft will allow them to expand, but expansion is not needed. The wider the meplat, the more effective they will be.

To quote someones post you do this; Left click with your cursor next to the text you wish to quote. Move the cursor over the text, it will show up blue. After you have highlighted,(made it blue), right click next to the blue text. A box will show up, click copy in that box. That puts the text in your clipboard on your computer.

Now go to post reply for the thread you're viewing. At the top of the reply box is a tool bar, look for the icon that looks like a page of text with a balloon around it. Left click on that icon, the quote line will show up on the reply area of the page. Looks like this
Now right click again that window will show up, this time click paste, the text you copied will go between the QUOTEs . Viola, you just quoted someone or something!

Not to be argumentative, I've been thinking that at snub .38 special velocities (800-850fps) you could/should use a very soft alloy to get any kind of upset in the target. I keep thinking of the old muzzleloaders shooting round, pure lead bullets at relatively low velocity, that would punch all
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