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If you have a LNL Classic single stage press or you bought the measure as a single item it only came with a large rotor and a rifle piston. You need a pistol rotor and piston. If you have a new LNL AP press it should have come with both a large and small rotor and piston. For pistols you need to use the rotor with the small hole and a small piston. I think you are trying to use a large hole rotor and that is no good under 10 grains.
Yes, I have the LNL classic kit-I'll have to order the pistol rotor and piston. Even then- with the same powder measure using Varget- I'm still getting inconsistencies. Anywhere from 1.5-2 grains.

Technique could be some of the problem with inconsistency.
I bump the handle twice on the upstroke, once on the downstroke. Is that what you meant by technique?
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