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when it's not sticking run a pound of powder through it to help get it lubed up.
So when you run a bunch of powder through the measure it "lubes" it? weird!

Oh yea that reminds me, did you clean the packing lube from all the parts before you put this thing together? If you did and you used a non dry lube some powder might be sticking in the rotor parts too. I am betting on the static as the problem. If you call Hornady they will help you with this problem, I have used them before with other issues (Dies) and they are always glade to help. The Power Pistol is one of the powders you should not have any trouble metering through this powder throw.
I did clean all the packing grease from the parts. However, I don't recall using any lube afterwards, just putting it back together. I'll have to call hornady and see if they can offer any further guidance.
I thought power pistol should meter pretty well! It's such small discs!
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