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Have you ran a pound or so of powder through it to help get it lube so to speak?
Not quite a pound yet. More like 1/2 lb probably.

static is likely the culprit ...and I use anti static dryer sheets ....and wipe the powder measure down inside and out until no particles of powder stick to the wall of the powder cannister .....and I put some dryer sheets into my powder storage cannister.

No more than 0.1 grain is acceptable on handgun loads.../ although you might have a little more leeway depeding on the powder you're using .../ but not much. Any decent powder measure ought to get you down to the 0.1 grain without a big problem.
I'll certainly try the dryer sheet method. I hold hornady products to a high standard, so hopefully I can get the measure to work in the right conditions.

Do you have a large and small rotor or just the pistons? You need a pistol set rotor and piston.
They make those for the Hornady powder measure? I only have what the package included.
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