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Carter Country in Houston was under investigation by a grand jury for illegal firearm sales. This was in December 2010. Dick DeGuerin the firm's attorney then dropped the bomb that they were ordered by the ATF to continue the sales starting in 2006. Seems that once this odious element hit the legal punch bowl the investigation was dropped.

It seems that most dealers did the right thing when approached on these type of sales but were told to continue with them by the ATF.

Of course when the ATF was approached with this information they said no comment. The only comments have been by ATF agents doing the right thing by blowing the whistle on this. They even reported these facts to the DOJ Inspector General. Which makes it highly unlikely that DOJ headman Holder knew nothing.

It seems some media articles on the guns in Mexico act like this never happened and keep on telling non fact.

What can we expect from this administration that accepted an award for transparency in secret? These guys are stealth anti-gun because they have numerous other political battles to fight and want to tiptoe around gun rights political battles as they just got whopped up side the head in the 2010 elections.

I don't expect this thing to make it to the light of day. If this stuff did it would give the GOP Congress the neutering shears it needs if it wanted to use them. Most of the anti gunners if you read some articles are crying about the weakened ATF. Which is why I am not holding my breath for this administration to open any investigations and to ignore Congress as long as possible hoping that the current budget battles in DC over shadow this stuff.
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