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Smaller targets = better groups

Hi All,

Just wanted to post an observation. Normally I shoot at target strips like these. Each target is 5.5 inches across with a 3.5 inch colored center:

I shoot at these with a scoped bolt-action .308 rifle (100 yards) and several iron-sighted pistols (15 yards).

Recently I have been affixing small Shoot-N-See dots to the center of each target. This gives me a much more defined point upon which to place the cross hairs of the scope when shooting rifle:

The above strip was perforated by my .308, for what its worth. Load development.

Anyway, today I tried it with my pistols and found it has a similar effect. It gives me something a lot more precise to look for out there as I focus on the front sight (or try to, anyway). My pistol groups improved today and I think I will see additional improvement if I keep doing this.

Since there's nothing new under the sun, I figure I may have stumbled upon something everybody else already knew :-) Has anyone else made this (or similar) change to their target practice regimen, with similar results?

Also, I think this is why the traditional "bullseye" hold has the bottom edge of the target sitting on top of the front sight. It's a lot easier to tell when the target is exactly on top of (i.e. "just touching") the front sight vs. when the front sight is at the exact center of the target (i.e. swimming around).

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