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This has been a really good thread and I appreciate the opinions and the links.

This is just my opinion, but if I were a police officer I would rather my state had OC than CC. The statistics show that most people who carry are law abiding citizens. Of course bad guys are not going to obey laws and I think it improbable that they would carry openly although they've done dumber things in the past. But if I were police officer I'd rather know who was armed than not know (excluding the bad guys). Maybe there's a hole in that logic - if there is I'm sure someone will point it out.

Just from my own perspective I'd rather a state has both. I think the best thing I've heard so far is that there is a time for OC and a time for CC.

When we were having breakfast outside of Ft Huachuca in AZ and two guys walked in wearing pistols on their hips no one gawked. I mean I noticed it mainly because their right hips were facign toward me as they walked by, but there was no fuss from anyone in the restaurant. There were probably other people in their carrying but I didn't notice them.

One of the things that the Open Carry movement talks about is perceptions are different in different parts of the country and if people in a particular area have negative perceptions about guns they react negatively. At least in that neck of the woods in AZ, it was no big deal.
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