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I started load testing at 10 yards standing because I felt like it, seemed like a good benchmark. I do shoot at 25 yards, and I will sometimes use the Phantom at 50 yards, a few times at 100 yards, but not with stellar results - I am not the worlds greatest shot by any means, nor am I likely to become one. Let me show by example;

10 yards, load development, showed a lot of promise,

50 yards, the wider group is standing, the smaller group is off a rest,

And 100 yards, only a few hits, only 1 good hit, also two hand hold standing, though I was kinda rushed.

All targets fired by same gun/same load. I don't lie about my shooting, and I don't care how many crack shots out there are laughing at my groups, either. In fact, this "weekend" I'll be back out with that sidearm getting better with it. Maybe someday I'll be as good as everyone else here.
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