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Skadoosh: Not sure if you're are interested in the challenge I linked to or not, but if so, I don't the links you provided match the criteria. They were both robberies and not gun grabs.

OC may have made them a target for robbery, because guns are valuable, but so does a nice watch. Nice homes are targeted for the same reason, they have things of value inside.

A CC gun prevents no crime. Drawing or showing a firearm has stopped many crimes without a shot fired. I tend to view OC as letting someone know I'm a hard target, if they even notice I'm armed. It's the gun and the presenting of it that sends a message of deterrence. An openly carried gun sends that message in the open, where CC requires you to draw and present the deterrent. If you have to perform several actions to deter VS a visible deterrent, which is more effective the majority of the time?

I'm not saying that everyone should OC, just saying that by my logic it's a better option in the majority of circumstances. I OC and CC, my personal experiences have made me realize that CC is just more work for less return.

I'd rather have my gun ready and easily available to me in a greater range of circumstances, so OC is better for me. I have a young son and often have to carry him in one arm, making some CC draws very difficult. I carry strong side for both CC and OC, but I can tell you from training, OC draw one handed is much easier. I will be damned if I'm going to take any advantage away from myself in a defensive situation that likely will have me at a disadvantage already.

I carry for defense, if I'm drawing my pistol I probably have nowhere else to go and my life or my family's is in danger. I need to be on that gun in the most efficient way possible and I need to run it hard, fast and accurately in a bad situation. If I have to push my coat out of the way, pull up my shirt or whatever else to draw, it's one more complication to an already stressful and deadly situation.

I won't let peoples fear of a weapon or their view of me carrying it legally compromise my safety or my family's. Let them gawk and think: "Oh my god, that guy has the audacity to carry a gun here!" I'm protecting me and my family, not the haters feelings.
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