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I have used them in 32 ACP, judicious reloading could probably produce some loads with useable hunting accuracy. Their main virtue is they allow shooting on indoor ranges-"gallery shooting", to use an old term, they let you get the feel of the rifle with live ammunition.
I have not used mine in 7.62 x 54R, I have used them in 8MM Mauser and 7.5 x54 French.
My drill when I use them-BTW, I bought mine from an apparently now defuncy company called Ace, I have not used the MCI ones- is to insert the 32ACP round into the adapter, load the chamber, then, after I have fired, remove the insert with the fired case, then use a wooden dowel to remove the case, then repeat the drill.
It seems to me if the adapter sticks in the chamber of a Mosin, perhaps a little VERY gentle polishing of both the chamber and adaptor is in order, most Mosins have had rough handling, perhaps some heavy grease on the adaptor
would help-?

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