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I live in an open carry state, Washington, and it's rare that people even notice my gun when I OC. I carry both OC and CC and they both have their place, but OC is more comfortable.

The only responses I've had to my OC is a couple double takes when in line at the grocery store. No one has tried to steal my gun, made negative comments or asked me to leave their store or home. I have sat in Starbucks with 20 or so OC'ers, all carrying, and I watched every customer I could who walked through the doors. I'd guess that maybe 1 in 3 customers even noticed there were 20+openly armed people in the room with them. None of the customers ran away scared or acted scared, the police didn't come by and threaten us and nobody had their gun stolen.

As for the tactical advantage of CC over OC, I call BS. At best you're trading one tactical advantage for another. I know for myself that drawing my weapon from a concealed position is more difficult, slower and much easier to screw up than drawing from an open carry situation. I have nothing against CC, but I'm still waiting to see a true story of an OC'er being "gun snatched" or outright targeted because he/she had an openly carried gun.
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