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I have collected and shot chamber inserts aka cartridge coversions aka chamber adapters for many years. They are a very old solution to a weight and availability problem. Years ago before the advent of the ATV, many true outdoorsmen actually spent many days afield with just what they had on their back. Either through poverty, regulations, or weight considerations, many of these men didnt carry a small game handgun or rifle in which to get their daily supper. Thus the chamber adapter allowed the owner of certain calibered high power rifles to load an adapter with light weight handgun ammo and take small game. The noise level of say a 32 ACP is far less than a 22 LR. A big drawback is sight adjustment and accuracy. In days of old most high power rifles had only iron sight which easily allowed for fast sight adjustment. Most all adapter I have shot hit @1 foot low at 25 yards when gun sighted for high power ammo. Simply adjust your rear sight up a couple notchs and you can get point of aim impact at close range. Not advisable with scoped sighted guns. However I have learned that there are some "holdover" tricks that can be learned with scope sighted rifles. Accuracy on many adapters is barely acceptable for rabbit sized animals at 25 yards. All in all I try to always carry an adapter when afield with a gun that allows one. A few adapter rounds of ammo and a wounded animal can be dispatched quietly and a grouse or rabbit can be taken at close range without scaring all game away.
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