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Thank you

Thanks for the input so far guys.

I would like to pose one more possibility. How about using it (AA1680) in .45 Colt, I have access to a Marlin 1894 with a 16.5" Barrel and a Taylor Arms Uberti with a 24" barrel, both in .45 Colt. Between what I have read, and what you are postulating, there may be a use for the AA1680 with a bullet like the 335gr. WLNGC from Cast Performance. what do you think? And would either of you go so far as to suggest a safe starting load with that powder and bullet combo in one or both of those platforms? That is if you think that this would be a feasable proposition.

I almost always use powders with a much broader range of uses,(Unique, Universal, 4350, 3031, Blue Dot,etc.) so trying to figure out how to use 16lbs of powder with such a "narrow bandwidth" is presenting a bit of a challenge.

But, it is the kind of challenge I relish!

Thanks again to both of you for your time, knowlege, and insight.

Bill "Willy" Henderson
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