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I'm just going by how it runs in QuickLOAD and what's in the old Accurate manual. In QuickLOAD Hartmut's measured characteristics make it almost a grain for grain substitute for 4198, except that it takes up less space and the old Accurate manual uses about 5% less by weight than 4198 max loads. In either case, slower than 4227, which sometimes makes it into the magnum handgun loads.

The old manual shows no loads in .44 Mag or in .45 Colt even in its Ruger and TC-only section. It does show it in the longer and/or higher pressure rounds like the .445 Super Mag, and the .454 Casull. In QuickLOAD it looks like you can get enough into the .44 Mag and .45 Colt to make peak pressure, but QL is showing about half of it unburned when it gets to the muzzle of a 7" gun, and ballistic efficiencies are as low as an overbore rifle; 15%-21% for the .45 and .44, respectively

So, the question is whether it's really like 680 or if that larger number was chosen to show that it's somewhat like 680 but slower? I don't know?
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