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Here ya go Country:

I started USBR bench rest matches at my club back in 2007. The USBR Sporter Class is pretty restrictive with the shooter having to use a factory sporter with only very limited mods allowed. I think that just about any rimfire BR shooter would admit that the USBR Green Monster target is the ultimate test of a .22's accuracy. The class is dominated by CZ 452 Americans locally. Marlin 39s have been brought to play about a half a dozen times. This Spring 2008 score roster represents the typical results:

Sporter Class

220-3X, Tim Blacklidge, CZ American, Weaver V-16, Lapua Midas L

219-3X, Danny Creasy, Anschutz 1710, Weaver V-16, Lapua Master M

214-0X, Willie Rhodes, CZ American, BSA 3-9, SK Match

210-0X, Bart Harkins, CZ American, Leupold VX II 6-18X40, ammo ?

209-1X, Charles Seifreid, CZ American, Pine Ridge 6-18X40, Lapua M

203-1X, Tony Gilmore, Savage MK II BV, Tasco World Class 6-24X44, Federal Gold Metal

202-0X, Peary Willard, Savage Mk II FV, Barska 6.5-20, Federal Champion Target

198-2X, David King, CZ 452 American, Nikko Sterling 4-10, SK Std Plus

197-1X, Dwight Rickard, Anschutz 1416 HB, Leupold 6.5-20, Eley EPS Black Box

191-0X, David Hollimon, CZ 452 American, Simmons 22 Mag, Wolf ME

188-0X, James Kimbrough, Savage Mk II, Tasco World Class, ammo ?

180-0X, Jack Belew, Savage Mk II, Tasco 40X, Eley Club

178-0X, Barry Holmes, Cooper 57M, Leupold Vari X III 4.5-14, SK Std Plus

177-1X, Anedra Gilmore, Savage Mk II, Tasco World Class 6-24X44, Federal Gold Metal

157-0X, Reece Stewart, Ruger 77/22, Aguila Match Black Box

118-0X, Gene Nobinger, Marlin 39, Simmons 3-9, Remington Yellow Jacket

Gene bought a Savage Mk II and started breaking 200 a few matches later. Even with a more powerful scope and better ammo, his best with the Marlin lever gun was a 144.

Don't get me wrong. I own and love my Marlin 39A (pictured above in an earlier post in this thread). But, a 39 cannot hold a candle to a CZ bolt rifle in the accuracy department. By the way, I own and regularly shoot 7 CZ 452s.
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