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Shane also makes an excellent point as for why we try to keep threads on topic.

The "information database" aspect of TFL isn't maintained by accident. Old threads are not deleted because of the wealth of information that can be found here.

No, not every thread is filled with gold, but lots of them are, which is the biggest reason why we encourage people to search TFL liberally. We understand that the vBulletin search isn't particularly awesome, but it's usable. Google's advanced search does an excellent job of pulling up threads.

It's expensive to maintain an ever-growing data repository. Members are very fortunate that TFL's founder is both committed to maintaining this site's history and is footing the entire bill for this place. Members have never been asked to kick in a penny for daily operations, and you'll also notice that, with the exception of the links page, there are no ads here.

Rich Lucibella deserves everyone's gratitude for both his generosity and his commitment to the shooting sports.
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