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Sevens said
Boss... the scores of folks who know and love the .32 H&R Mag single six revolvers would have made many of them by now and you'd have heard of them... if only it were possible.Cylinder is too short. Most of those guys have been hot-rodding the pants off .32 H&R for 25 years, so they are nearly there already.

It is very possible and is being done--a lot. However, though a .327 SS conversion involves no cylinder frame modification thankfully, it does require a new cylinder (and "adjustment" of the barrel-cyl gap accordingly). Bowen sells fluted blanks now for others to use, and his shop, Clements, Gallagher, etc, have been doing conversions for awhile now. Quite popular, just not cheap because it involves more than a "simple" rechambering of an existing cylinder. Still, drool.
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