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Mike Irwin
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"I was just curious/observing the fact that guns/shooting *as a category* seems to have this practice more so than other hobbies/subjects."

Well, in my view, a lot of that is simply because other hobbies/subjects don't have the kind of negative "press" associated with them.

In general, I think it behooves firearms boards to take a much more... professional, for lack of a better word... stance when it comes to discussion.

A case in point is the thread this evening asking about the best gun for pistol whipping.

A thread like that simply will not stand. It's an idiotic question on its very face, it paints all gun owners in a very poor light, and in probably the vast majority of scenarios where someone is beaten with a gun, it involves an illegal act, i.e., assault.

Such topics will always be closed at TFL.
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