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I have a 39A (from the early 80's) and a 9422 (age unknown) and an old Savage 87D that my grandfather gave me many years ago. The 39A is more accurate than the 9422, but not a lot more accurate. I've never shot the old Savage against the Marlin, but I might give it a try to see what happens. I don't have a CZ, but I've heard good things about them and I'd be surprised if a decent bolt action wouldn't shoot a bit better than a lever action. Still, I won a club shoot in the late 80's with that 39A at 100 yards, and everyone else had a bolt action. The only 22 I ever had that was really really a tack driver was a Remington 513T, with a 26 inch bull barrel. It was truly amazing, but way too heavy to hunt with, so I resold it. Anyway...I'm not letting go of my 39A.
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