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well maybe someone with more knowledge can tell. i'm not buying into any of the scare, but why doesn't anyone have them in stock right now? and with now ETA? my LGS just bumped up the price on them. they went from 600-ish to 850-ish, and they are on back order. some guy on ksl has one for $1200, and it's in stock configuration. anybody know what's going on?
There's several factors. First, imported guns, especially from Russia, tend to ebb and flow onto the market. When a shipment comes in, they're everywhere and cheap. When it's been a while, they're rare and more expensive. Second, the importer of the Saiga has changed from what I understand, and that means it's been a little longer since we've gotten many into the country. Third, it's what you see here- folks who don't know what the ATF has said but pass along the panicky rumors, so they buy them when they see them because they may not be available later. Panic buying means prices go up.

Heck, I ought to sell mine right now- I might actually be able to get out of it what I have into it.
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