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if you are really concerned with self-defense there are several things to consider:

1: you should have a designated SD firearm which is stored in a safe location with ammunition for it in a seperate location (gun safety rule number 1, proper storage).

2: you should choose the firearm based on preference and taking into account a fewthings:

as for pistols:

i wouldn't recommend something big like a .38, or a .357/.44. They will over-penetrate if you miss possible doing more harm than good. also they will cause hearing damage and are very loud. that being said, more often than not, its the noise and not the shot that does the job.

My personal preference would be a .22 revolver (yes I know only .22) for the simple fact that your most likely not dealing with anyone in body armor, a .22 will not overpenetrate, and if it makes it through your wall, it wont do much to what it hits on the otherside. Also, .22 revolvers will not cause hearing damage or daze the shooter after a couple shots (or i would be deaf).

As for rifles, once again, over penetration issues, stick to a .22 or a shotgun. Preferably 20ga, while loud, 20gas aren't as loud as a 12 ga. and stick to buck shot, for its lower penetration.

Remember, for SD you have your local laws regarding those issues to be informed of as well. also keep in mind if your woken up in the middle of the night, you wont be on your best game, and you will be much more likely to miss.
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