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AA1680/WC680 and .44mag/.45Colt

Hi everyone!

I am looking for some help with load data for H116, which from what I have been told by a fairly reliable source is the number that Hodgdons gave to surplus WC680, and the same powder was marketed by Accurate Arms as AA1680.

I have AA's current load data and they do not list any loads specific to what I want to do with it, which is use it in my .44mag Ruger Blackhawk and 1894 Marlin, in addition I was hoping to find some data for .45 Colt, again in a Ruger revolver as well as a Taylor Arms Uberti. The .44 I would like to use 255gr. Keiths, and in the .45 I would be using 270gr. Keiths. But if need be I would be willing to go to a heavier bullet in both, which may be neccesary from what info I have gotten so far.

The reason for my interest is that I obtained two unopened eight pound canisters from the wife of a handloader who had passed away. It would be a shame to just let that much powder sit.

I know it was originaly intended for the 7.62x39, and it has some use for the Hornet, although it does not give very good velocity in my buddies Hornet. The only other gun I have that it might be useful in is my AR in 5.56.

Anyway, I would appreciate hearing from anybody out there who has used this stuff in any of the calibers I mentioned. I have done some searching on different sites on the net and have not found any usable data yet. so I am hoping someone here may be able to help me out.

As a very last resort, I guess I may just have to go out and buy an SKS, or AK to make sure that my 16lbs. of powder does not go to waste!

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