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It all began at the dawn of time. It is a common issue now, and in particular areas, because people refuse to get involved in smaller issues. Thugs like this have no show worthless absent fathers, and skank mothers for the most part. They run wild and little things get looked over by folks who rationalize away their abdication of appropriate behavior. They come to believe, quite rightly, that they can do what they want and no one will so much as say stop it, let alone drop a dime. It is incrementalismm at it's logical extension. It is the broken window syndrome (look it up, I am too lazy to explain right now). Worthless parents with a glamorization of criminal conduct in the media to suck dollars out of poor pockets, coupled with folks who have no qualms about turning a blind eye. This is what you get. There is no sin by degree. Sometimes it is just right and wrong. You are either going to conduct your life in such a manner as to improve the common situation, or you are not. If not, you are a contributer to this type of stuff. It is really just that simple.
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