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Got my butt kicked in a mickey Ds, a gal was working the reg and an older gent was upset over her not knowing how much his meal was. He was 6 ft 5 and built good. A guy behind the grill offered to help her out the guy said some racial stuff towards the kid, I said something to my friend next to me the guy heard and turned to me. He hit me wit hthe tray and that coffee is really hot. I took him to ground and restrained him the cops came and took him away, I got a free meal....

I always will stand up to crap such as this. and I can stop a person fast, was a bouncer for a long time in a real rough place in South Omaha.

Them employees were on the same side as the two gals, BTDT had a whole group jump on me when I dropped one of them was getting unruly. Coulda died right there if my buds hadnt been close. Never went outside the bar after that.
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