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Naw, I done quit shooting.

So for that reason, I can't tell you anything about the actual performance of the cartridge, although if I were still going by the range every week, I'd still have to buy one first.

My comment about the .38 S&W was mostly in jest but still, halfway serious. An alternative to hot shot smaller caliber cartridges, how about a bigger, heavier bullet at modest velocities. That's what the .45 ACP (not supersized) are always saying, anyway. If you wanted to go the trouble, you could even load a 200 grain bullet. Frankly, I doubt anyone would bother, since nice guns in that caliber are scarce on the shelves and some I would even shoot with a mid-range load, if there was such a thing in .38 S&W. I have seen a couple of rather nice J-frame revolvers and a few WWII K-frames, too. I can't say I'd recommend a Webley from my own experiences.

How about this: a 200 grain .38 Special (standard pressure) load. Virtually guaranteed not to be a blaster but probably a pretty respectable performer. But here I go again, being old fashioned.
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