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Unbelievable!!! This shows what this country is coming to....a bunch of animals with no regard for human life and the McDonald's employees who didn't help because there was no button on their cash register to show what to do...all of them, the bottom of the food chain.

I know if I were there I would have intervened with all I had in me for physical force. Of course it wouldn't take long before I was accused of attacking defensive little girls who were only having fun...they are really good girls so misunderstood....freaking vermin that they are. How people can stand by and witness this is beyond comprehension. McDonald's should be sued on the grounds they hire sub-humans and are not capable of serving the human public.

I hope that poor girl survives without serious injury. One does not have to go looking for trouble as it certainly seems to have a way of finding us. I, for one, will not idly stand by and watch another human being get beaten unless of course it was one of those poor excuses for a human that causes harm to others for no apparent reason. For that, I will stand and cheer.

This video leaves me completely outraged and appalled.
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