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"Fair enough, let's blow them all away like zombies. How far away do we draw and shoot? What actions will jolt us into shooting? I am a bit puzzled by the fact that people really believe just pointing a pistol is going to scare people who grow up with violence in their homes and streets. I know the first time someone pulled knife on me freaked me out to no end, this is a very common occurrence with these folks."

Me Too: You do not draw your weapon unless you intend to fire it after a short warning. If you don't intend to fire, leave it in the holster until you do, period. In fact, that can be said for most weapons.
The only exception I can think of is in an enforcement action, on a sweep. Then one would need to be prepared. Now really, how many here would be in that situation?
The subway situation is a LOSE; if you are in it you lose. A cool head reacting to the situation is called for, moment by moment. I do hope I never find myself in a situaion with more than 6 thugs with the potential to explode on me. G*D bless us all in even that circumstance.
Let's hope none of us ever experiences anything like that.
Freedom is something you can't take for granted.
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