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I, and my wife who has claimed it, love my 40VE. Like previously mentioned, the trigger pull really is akin to what some would call a good DA pull on a revolver. Some might be gritty early on, all my Glocks (was once 4, now is one) had gritty triggers too until I polished them, but will wear in nicely.

For what it is worth, the Sigma I own is the one gun that I can't seem to get rid of. 3 Glocks, 2 1911s (including one Kimber), a couple of Kel Tecs and more then a few rifles/shotguns have all come and gone, but the Sigma stays put.

It really is a pretty damn decent firearm, it's reliable, plenty duty accurate and it's pretty ergonomic to boot. For the money, I paid $279 (SS over black) plus tax roughly 10 years ago for mine NIB when K's Merchandise closed out, it's hard to beat the overall package of the Sigma.
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