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I see absolutely nothing wrong with the cartridge or the concept, the concept being hotrodding a .32 revolver cartridge. That's where all the magnums came from and is this cartridge called a magnum or not? I think it is a good thing to avoid using that word in the name.

However, I also imagine more .38 specials are fired from .357 magnums than magnum rounds are and the .38 Special itself is the longer, lower, wider development of an older cartridge. None of this is bad. However, some of this starts to sound like the proponents of the .45 ACP defending themselves from proponents of a .357 Sig (the .38 Super having been forgotten). There is mostly truth on every side of the discussion here.

It is fine if you don't mind increased muzzle blast (I am assuming). You can't get something for nothing, you know, although the .38 Super has neither a bigger kick or a bigger blast than a .45 ACP, just different. Both of them are being hotrodded these days, too. But I digress.

Tell me, how does the .327 Federal (any relation to the 9mm Federal?) compare to a .32-20? Probably that has been covered already but I skipped to the end of the book. But I will say one thing. To me, were I interested, only performance counts. Not cost, not ease of reloading and not availability. If you want performance, you aren't talking paper punching and you probably aren't going to do a great deal of shooting. But that's just the way I see things anymore.

Say, is anyone trying out anything new with the .38 S&W these days. Really a neglected and overlooked cartridge.
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