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Originally Posted by Vermonter
...Does the trigger feel or act any worse for you than say a Ruger LCP or a DA revolver? I can shoot both of those reliably. P.S. The trigger on mine doesn't feel bad dry firing at all.
I have a 1st generation SW40F, hence the handle. I also have a S&W 442 Airweight that I bought the same day. Neither is a "finesse" gun, and both have heavy triggers. Both reward practice with acceptable groupings for any self-defense situation. I find that they both work 'best' when I pull the trigger in one continuous, deliberate pull to the rear until the trigger hits its stop, and concentrate on holding the sights on target. That's what I meant by just go ahead and shoot. No slow, deliberate target squeeze here, just pull it.

The feel of the 1911's trigger has been described as having the break of a "glass rod." In that case, the feel of my SW40F (and 442) is like popping industrial-strength Bubble Wrap; long, tough, but consistent each time!

Go play with it, and you too may develop the admiration and respect for this gun that many here will share with you any time.
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