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I can't speak from my own experience fortunately, but these kids are faced with guns pointed at them all the time in these gangs. One of the points my CCW instructor who is also an LEO, (expert firearms witness, owner of the number one rated gun range in America at the last shot show, 20 years in military police, author of tactical firearms books, etc, you get the picture) stated that he has witnessed the reactions of many criminals with guns pointed at them and most often it doesn't phase them.

Criminals know in fact that most folks will not shoot even when pointing the gun, they just don't want to hurt anyone. His point was that if you pull your gun thinking that will scare most criminals, good luck. You have to be willing to shoot. The case I posted above in CDA had 8 thugs, two were shot, the other 6 pummeled the man being attacked. I wouldn't bet on these creeps freaking out because you have a little gun pointed at them. Most care little for their life or yours for that matter and could care less if they are shot or not. It is a way of life to show no fear in these gangs. 30 kids rioting on a train, bad situation plain and simple.
I agree or possibly that is the wrong terminology: in this situation one would need to shoot if drawing. that would always depend on the specific situation at hand and also would have a final decision made by the innocent pulling his firearm. taking control of the situation quickly would be very important & the less time for the whole event to play out the better. giving the mob time to think can be a fatal mistake. I hope I'm not the test case for this one, but I'm not surrendering unless I have no choice in the matter. I would draw(and shoot) in a heartbeat on MARTA if I had to.
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