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Without free ammo and cheap rifles the sport is done for the 'Middle Incomed',, MIddle America will switch to Russian made gear and do thier hunting withthat gear, cut-out the Big $ Big 4 altogether just like after WW1 and W2.
With Russian gear I can drop a deer for .25 a round and $99 a rifle, plus tags.
The Moisen has nearly as many after MKT parts as an AR and it will only get better in the future!
I can drop a Moose with Moisen for $100. What can the Big 4 do to top that?
A little melodramatic, aren't you? You're forgetting that the Mosin isn't new production. They were bought and paid for years ago, you're just buying them at what is basically garage-sale pricing to introduce some hard cash into Russia's economy in exchange for a rifle they no longer can or will use. Ditto their ammo. If you were buying a brand new one, you'd be paying quite a bit more than $100 and probably griping about how crude the thing is.

Cheap ammo and firearms are just not going to be; with commodity prices rising, you won't find too much dirt cheap ammo unless it's made in massive quantities. Regarding firearms, they've always been pricey; you're just seeing what inflation has done to the dollar- that $80 rifle of a half century ago cost about the same amount in terms of percentage of income as today's $500 hunting rifles.

I hardly think the .327 Fed Mag is indicative of pricing people out of the firearm market. It has pushed nothing out of the marketplace, nor has it driven up prices for anything else. I find it amusing how the round (as displayed by this thread) has become a Rorschach for people's dislike of the current state of the firearms industry.
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