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Every 10 years another dozen fishing lures are offered and like lures ammo,
but the demographic has changed there are fewer new hunters and with elctronic toys fewer young shooters to be blitzed by adverts
The older shooters that remain know balistics and know that dead is dead at 350 yards
The elite that shoot beyond that demand dollars beyond the cost of a new PU.
Which one gets used every day?
Without free ammo and cheap rifles the sport is done for the 'Middle Incomed',, MIddle America will switch to Russian made gear and do thier hunting withthat gear, cut-out the Big $ Big 4 altogether just like after WW1 and W2.
With Russian gear I can drop a deer for .25 a round and $99 a rifle, plus tags.
The Moisen has nearly as many after MKT parts as an AR and it will only get better in the future!
I can drop a Moose with Moisen for $100. What can the Big 4 do to top that?

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