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You know what's really interesting to me about the pics of the exterior and interior of those trains?

They're *exactly* the same as BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit (San Francisco/Oakland/etc.). I mean right down to the seating positions, door width, the works. Cars probably come from the same place.

So I *have* been there. I backed down four lunatics who were kicking and stomping somebody in the head. Two had claw hammers. I had a visible knife and unknown to everybody else present (and the cops afterwards!), a four-shot .22Mag minirevolver. I came out of that physically and legally intact and got the downed party out with no more than a concussion.

I don't have to guess. I *know* for a fact I'll stand up to a wolfpack of thugs. With one big difference. Instead of this:

I'll have this:

...which, in another month or two, is going to have a tube-magazine-based feed system for 12+ round capacity and the ability to stick new 8rd feed tubes in as fast as most people can swap 1911 mags.

(For those that don't know, I'm in Tucson AZ these days...)
Jim March
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