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Threegun I am a combat vet and I can tell you from personal experience, it aint like the movies, as some of you seem to think. Frankly I am a little dismayed by how 'tough' some of you seem to think you are. Weapons don't make you tough, training, experience and a clear head are your best allies, not bravado.
My god man why are you insisting that some of us are locked in movie fantasy? Who said anything about bravado? Who said weapons make them tough? You continue to make assumptions. We disagree here again. I submit that a 5 shot snub nose would be sufficient to survive this event (I am of course assuming that the carrier is properly trained). I base my opinion on my personal expierience in a similar event plus many other video's plus the human beings natural desire to self preservation. You opinion is based on combat and riots neither of which is relevant in this case.

You are fixated on the numbers, one vs 25. How can one man defeat 25? I don't pretend to be able to defeat such odds. I can however defeat the closest most immediate bad guys to me until my gun runs dry. I believe in this case even 5 shots would be enough.

I thank you for your service.
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