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Here, take a look at a real gang riot. It took three hours to clean up the streets. Feel good about your one man crusade on a crowed subway? Not me. A mob is a frightening force indeed.
Riots and 25 youth gang members like apples and oranges......they aren't the same. I was once threatened by 10 or so unfriendly youths. As they tried to surround me I was forced to pull my firearm. Back then (don't laugh) I was toting an intratec category 9 pistol. Not enough rounds to give everybody a single hit. Thankfully the air left their sails just at the sight of the gun. Had they continued I am convinced that the brakes would have been put on after the first friend fell.

I'm not suggesting that a determined mob isn't frightening but again not many folks like rushing a machinegun nest. Only the most determined will even try or perhaps some that think they can get to you before you can shoot them.
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