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Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

I'm not big on old sayings or quotes (maybe because I like the sound of my own voice far too much you say?? )

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

In 10 years the kids are going to look at us in disgust or awe or something and say, "You used to use COPPER for gas checks? At $1000 an ounce? How could you?" and Mr. Marlin is going to be the new Bill Gates. And more power to him! I wonder how many folks told him that there was no way his idea would work? Congratulations on your idea for aluminum gas checks sir.

How long was it before the "heresy" of a round Earth turned into joy that no more sailors were going to "sail off the edge of the world" into the fearsome maw of the monster?

The most incredible one had to be the first guy to say, "I bet if I put up a web site dedicated to shooters that they will come in droves" to trade lies and thoughts and new ideas? And someone said, "No way! Them good ole boys don't do computers and they are all out in the woods shootin anyway!"

My point is this: Change needs BOTH parties to flourish. There have to be skeptics to spur the dreamy eyed inventors on (Mr. Marlin, not me - I just borrowed an idea from a bright woman).

I come here to relax and NOTHING that happens here changes that for me. No harm no foul (or around here that might be fowl?) Have a good day everyone and here's to shooting and bright little projectiles for all of us to covet and make!
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