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See all of this grey hair on my head?

mikld and hornetguy,

Thanks for the kind words. I got my first grey hair a long time ago when I worried about what somebody else thought of something I had said. Then I got another grey hair for the same thing and another and now I don't have any brown hair left. Its all grey. That means that I no longer stress out when folks get all over me for something that I said that was not offensive. Now, when someone over reacts to some innocent statement, I sort of sit back and try to figure out what it is that is stressing them out that they are jumping all over me.

Also, I like trying things out. I like the world being round instead of being flat. I am not going to change that just because someone gets bent out of shape by something as innocent as a well intentioned post about something interesting that happened to me. I prefer to live my life without drama these days and I try to be pleasant and friendly. Some people mistake that for weakness or lack of confidence but I ignore that stuff too because I really don't care what other people think anymore because of that grey hair thing.

But I do like to talk which I am sure that everyone that has ever read one of my posts knows. And I do enjoy sharing ideas with folks that like to do the same and that is a good thing! But using the bullet puller to install gas checks is an idea that I have visited and left!! Not because of anything that anybody said but because it was a ROYAL PITA!

One final confession I keep my already cast boolits in plastic bags until I can put some powder under them because I haven't found them to be all that delicate . And now I will load up my few belongings and head to the leper colony! Take er easy.....
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