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This topic came up on another board, and it was pointed out that it may depend on whether you are talking about one shot or a burst. Since the question is about subguns, bursts seem more to the point. A closed-bolt gun will have a more accurate first shot, but may not be as easy to hold on target after that. One guy said after the first shot, an Uzi holds the target better than an MP5, I guess because it has more weight up front. A Swedish K might be even more accurate; you can empty a whole 71-round drum onto an IPSC target at 30 yards. Any of the older heavy subguns (Thompson, Lanchester, MP28, MP34, ERMA, Steyr-Solothurn, etc.) would be similar. Properly set up MAC's have often beaten MP's in subgun competitions where no-shoots make accuracy critical.
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