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I love a good experiment as much as the next guy. I also love to pick apart someone elses experiment. Call me a cranky old man, or some other name, but it's fun!.

MR, I too used the Hornady puller to help with a problem GC mold I have for .44 mag boolits. The shank where the gas check goes casts too big to simply slip the GC onto. By about .003. I installed the Hornady puller upside down in a lee 4 hole turret, threaded up from the bottom. Then I simply slipped the GC shank into the collet up to the base of the first driving band.

A quick squeeze gave me the needed clearance. I think a softer alloy would cast a bit smaller so I wouldn't need to do that.

I have some old Lyman GC's here, they're made of thin brass. They're too small,(30 cal), to measure with my mic, but they feel thinner. They're also what's called "slip on" so they don't crimp on like Hornadys do.

They were all I used to use, but I switched to Hornady as soon as they came out. I was mystified by impacts on the target @ 100 yds, some were slits in the paper, some were dents. It dawned on me that what I was seeing were Lyman GC's that had come off boolits, the GC's were hitting the targets. Not every time, like about 10%, the rest probably either stayed on the boolits, or sailed off target. Having a GC come off a bullet in flight can't be good for accuracy. If all it did was drop straight back, no harm, no foul. But coming off crooked, has to kick the bullet sideways.

JohnK, what pope meant was the base of a bullet HAS to be as perfect as it can be. Any nick or off square defect will make for poor groups. This has been demonstrated many times. Points or the front of super-sonic bullet can have serious dings and still shoot well. Subsonic bullets will show poor groups if the front or nose is not perfect. But the base has to be really consistent.
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