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AAAACCCKKKKKKKK!!!!! PITA is the understatement of the year! I agree 100 percent Rangefinder. I think that its possible and that it'll shoot OK


your eyes are not all red and swollen from staring at the stupid things while you try to seat 20 of them to prove a point! Twenty???? I should live so long!!!! Put it in and take it out and then put it in some more and adjust and fit and adjust a little more and did I say that I'd make 20 of them??? Shoot me now with one of them so I have an excuse not to make any more!

I must have been really lucky with that first one. I had it done in under two minutes and it looked good and I would shoot it all day long. But I have seated gas checks on boolits cast with a gas check seat and.....I'll take that one and leave the hand fit ones to someone else.

It was sort of interesting though. I started to go from that 92-6-2 mix to progressively softer and softer boolits until I even oven annealed some and the softer they got the more cupped the bottom got during the "displacement" with the collet of the bullet puller. In the end, the soft ones had this pretty uniform hollow, cupped base that I am sure will shoot pretty well when my eyes recover enough to actually shoot again. It was just as you said JohnKSa: the copper covered the hollow base and conformed to it so that it was something like a jacketed hollow base on the "pusher side." At least until after it left my barrel and I don't have to worry about leading anymore and need to start worrying where the stupid thing is going to hit!

The harder boolits remained pretty flat on the base. They just got longer like they were being extruded which, I guess, they were. There is a company (is it Ranier?) that makes their boolits from lead wire and cuts and swages it into shape. The collet on the bullet puller exerts a very uniform pressure all around the base and just makes a skinnier cylinder with some very minor but symmetrical distortion.

I did not have an alloy as hard as what Snuffy was talking about but I am sure that he is right - that it would reach a certain hardness where swaging it with the collet would just crumble the lead. I don't know if that really hard alloy could be heated enough to make it take the distortion without cracking or not but I will never find out because I am NEVER going to do this again unless that Mel Gibson thing happens and I am using a hole drilled in a board for a mold and having to apply gas checks by hand with a knife and hammer!

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