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SRH78 -- The 10mm definitely exceeds the 357mag's power! Factory Double Taps run at 750 ft/lbs of energy, way more than any 357mag. There is no need for another type of barrel as my DT rounds do not bulge the cases at all in my 29SF. The 10mm can be anything from a bear stopper ( with Double Taps 200 and 230gr bullets) to an equal to a 40SW/45ACP+P depending on the load you choose. Hornady's 155, 180 and 200 gr rounds are all very mild at about 525 ft/lbs about the same as a 40SW Silver Tip. The Hornady's are very good SD rounds with fast recovery times.
Those who think the 357Sig is equal to a 9mm+p are just wrong. If that were the case there would be no need to invent the 357Sig. The only possible advantage of the bottleneck 357Sig is that theoretically it should be more reliable in feeding as is the case for any bottlenose cartridge though I have yet to have a jam with my Delta Elite and 29SF after many 1000's of rounds. With the right rounds the 10mm will do anything the 40SW, 357Sig or 41 Mag will do. The DT 125gr Nolser does 1600 ft/sec out of a 4.9" barrel way more than a 357Sig.
I would get the 29SF over any other Glock and carry the Glock 20 15 round mags as spares.
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