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Thanks Snuffy,

I used the Lyman GC because they were out of the Hornady's when I ordered but I will check them. I imagine that they are similar to the Hornady's but do not know until I measure them. I am just heading back out to the shop to try and make up 20 or so of these and then go shoot them and see if they can hit what I point them at! I may have just gotten lucky with that first one. It's not like it was a burning issue with me. I had been thinking of the RCBS Bullet Puller anyway and when I got it I just tried it one evening.

That is why I just made the one so far. But the proof is in the pudding as they say. I cast the 44 boolit that I put the GC on from a 92-6-2 mix that I have had pretty good luck with so far. I am not sure what you usually cast with but I am sure that a harder mix would definitely NOT be a good candidate for this technique. Even my "frosties" will probably not like the deformation. I'll find out in a few minutes and see if I can repeat the first attempt.

But when I was slugging the barrel and throat of the M48A I was initially using the same 92-6-2 mix and was deforming it more than .036" with no problems. Perhaps it has to do with how slow and even the pressure is applied?

I will take measurements before and after the deformation and I should be able to tell where the extra material is going. I sized that boolit to seat the GC so I may have hidden where the extra lead is going. I need to get an old metallurgy book out and see if I can tell something about the crystal structure of the lead. I'll try to find air dropped and water dropped and frosties etc to see how they all react. If I remember correctly, the crystal lattice in a metal can take some deformation by "slip dislocation" I think was the fancy term. When that happens, it is a lot different than a fracture or brittle failure and does not necessarily involve any kind of failure zone.

Anyway, I'll let you guys know if you want to hear but you can also tell me to shove it and I'll keep my trap shut! Out to the shop!

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