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We've had home invasions here as well; the worst. Wife and daughter are getting training. Different arms at different locations within the home.
Carry always on or close; but I am one of those that think it should remain a surprise to the BG; never let them get too close but close enough to know intent.
Have a plan if they do get in the house: where does everyone go: to a location where the BGs have to come in and be met with enough force to cause them to withdraw quickly; those that are left if any.
Prey it never happens. Never drop anyone if they are taking things or leaving; that is the goal for them to leave and remember this is no place to come back to.
You will have to live with the results in any case and in the right or wrong it ain't so easy as some think. The BG is the one to cross the line; you are just the consequence. That makes the line an easy thing to watch.
Freedom is something you can't take for granted.
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