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Ideal Tool,

Thanks for the input. The aluminum thing was brought up by someone else. I posted the pic of the copper standard gas check on the 44 cal boolit. I was also the one that posted the pictures of the Lee molds taken through a stereo microscope that, since my eyes ain't what they used to be when I was a young, I use to look at stuff in the shop all the time. Like this 44 cal lead boolit. What happens to "all of that lead" when you size a boolit down .002 inches? Maybe I'll take some pictures of the base with the stereo microscope so that you all can see what I saw. Good Point.

I told you that I am not trying to convince anyone. I looked and measured and held straight edges across the bottom, ad naseum before I seated the gas check. I am not foolish. Not when I am going to be in the close vicinity of the thing when it goes Boom.

I think the answer to the "pusher plane" thing is going to come when I put some of these things down range and see if they hit the big side of the barn or the knothole. Jury is still out on that one! If I survive I'll let you know. Otherwise donations can be sent to the NRA in my name and I want a wake not a funeral!
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