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Jake Balam

Shooting without ear protection.
Now we all know that shooting without proper ear protection can and will cause permanent hearing loss.

However, when in a SD scenario, I doubt there will be time to throw in your ear plugs. Firing a gun without ear protection could disorient and stun you so follow up shots wouldn't be possible.
I doubt that a defensive handgun cartridge round fired inside of a building would disorient you or stun you. The muzzle flash (if large and bright enough) might partially blind you though. There are some manufacturers who advertises low muzzle flash ammo.

I have practiced firing inside of buildings day and night with both handguns and shotguns. I was wearing hearing protection and can't see how firing a handgun would come anywhere close to disorienting or stunning me without hearing protection. A 3" 12 gauge magnum 00 buckshot fired from a shotgun puts out a lot more energy than the .45acp and 10mm auto rounds that I've used in handguns.
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