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I love it when someone thinks a round is dead or no one else has interest just because they don't own one or it's not the latest tacticool round. The .32's are a great example. Before the .327 came out Ruger, S&W, Taurus, Charter, and Heritage were all making new guns in .32H&R. Now all those same makers are making guns in either the .327 or the .32H&R and the number of examples has increased thanks to Ruger with their 7 and 8 shot models. Pretty good for a dead cartridge huh? I can see how someone might confuse it with the .45 gap The only things that have gone wrong with the .327 is the lack of ammo and components (not strictly a .327 problem the last couple years) and the idiots that condemn it without owning or shooting one. I'm fine if you don't have a use for a .32. Really I am. I myself have no use for a 9mm so it must be a dead round too. Think I'm gonna start a thread asking what went wrong with the 9mm.

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