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I have a couple buddies who analize things to death before buying. Both have bought multiple 32 H&R Magnums over the years. For what reason you might ask? Well I guess they both thought the 32 would get the job done, be cheaper to reload for, with less recoil. The 327 is just another step up in power from the 32 H&R.

Ammo Availbility: My local gun shop has several boxes of ammo on the shelf. Most of what I saw looked to be Carry Ammo.

My 2 Cents
I am retired, I live in a rural area, and I am out in the woods hiking or riding my ATV all the time. I have also been an Officer or Board Member of the local Sportsman's Club for the last 30 years. I carry a handgun open carry or concealed almost daily.

Most of my shooting is on the range shooting paper, or in the field mostly plinking, unless I am deer hunting carrying a serious handgun. For plinking, and target shooting a 32 will poke holes in targets, kill poison snakes, and armodillows as well as a 38 Special. It can be cheaper to reload for than a 38 by a very slight margin. In an SP101 it holds 6 rounds. This is not a bad thing for ccw. If I were to need a DA Handgun in a self defense situation what would I pick? 480 Ruger Super RedHawk if I was not carrying it on my person. Realisticly I carry a S&W 638 in 38 Special with P+ ammo in it when I carry a small light handgun concealed. I am sure a 327 Federal Magnum Carry Load would beat out my 38 +P in a self defense situation. I have no problem with my 38+P having enough punch for ccw, so I doubt I would have a problem with a 327 Federal as a ccw round.
Would I buy one? I might pick up an SP101 one of these days if I found a good deal on one. I would probably shoot lite loaded 32 H&R reloads in it most of the time. Same as I do my M64 S&W now.
I think it has a place in the handgun battery. As was said before the 32 is a great Kit Gun size round when light loaded. When you want something bigger than a 22 that does not require a lot of punch a lite 32 load will work fine. Put in some Full House 327 and you also have a ccw revolver. It should make a very good dual purpose gun in an SP101. It should be ok in a BlackHawk or GP100 also as a field carry round also.


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