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Adding a Gas Check to a Plain Base Boolit

I was reading a product review over at Midway the other day because I reload to SAVE MONEY so I need to buy all of this stuff to SAVE MONEY. Really it is to save money and I am going to stick with that.

Anyway, probably everyone else knows about this but.....

in this product review, a woman was pointing out that she uses the RCBS Collet Bullet Puller to put gas checks on plain base boolits that she wants to speed up a little without getting a bunch of leading. And I thought of how much money I would save if I bought one of these Bullet Pullers and tried it on some 44 caliber PB stuff that I like to push pretty fast sometimes. Or maybe if a guy likes to shoot 44 Mag out of both a handgun and a rifle?

When I got the Puller I took some 44 caliber 240 grain boolits that I had cast and I put one rear end first into the collet of the bullet puller and tightened it down until I thought that it was about the right diameter for a 44 gas check and viola'!

A gas checked 44 from a plain based 44 cal boolit. The down side is that I was going to have to save some money buying another 429-240 mold WITH gas check and now even I can't justify that. But the up side is that it is a good idea and it works well.

So I started wondering if this little trick is something that everyone else knows about and does when they need to add a gas check to a PB boolit or if there is another way to do it?

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