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Good Question.......

I use both depending on what I am doing. Extruded Powder? Volume can be pretty variable and I have seen several grain swings when I weigh the "dipper". At or near "never exceed"? I use both and frequently but still trust the BB most. Spherical powder like AA #2? The 550B just throws it the same every time and I can sleep very well firing that load without stopping to test every fifth case. Then I check every box load or when I have to get up and make sure my heart is still beating.

I have an Ohaus electronic 2100 gram laboratory scale but one day I noticed that it only reports grains to the nearest 0.2 interval and flickers back and forth between two readings when it is unhappy. When you are near a Maximum and using extruded powder? Balance beam is what I trust the most because of that gravity thing that Snuffy mentioned. When I am setting the powder throw? Measure every case until you can sleep well and then, after that, check them when the hair stands up on the back of your neck.

I wonder if anybody ever asks a surgeon what scalpel he/she always uses? I hope that he/she would say whichever gets the job done the best measured by patient survival? When I am loading 44 grains of powder for a rifle load then I want to avoid having to talk to that surgeon and I measure often and do whatever puts my mind at rest.

Did any of you see the pictures of that M1 Garand after eating some bad powder that someone here posted a few weeks ago? I don't want to go there and I still can not believe that no one got seriously hurt or lost an eye or something with all of that pointy, sharp wood and steel flying around.

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